Escaped wolf shot dead in Cotswolds

Comment from Tony:

The recent tragedy resulting in a wolf being shot that had escaped from The Cotswold Wildlife Park has focussed and in some cases polarised peoples views on keeping such animals in captivity.

Nevertheless and no matter what your point of view, it is the saddest thing having to shoot an animal in those circumstances because any other alternative was deemed not acceptable.

Wolf Watch has contacted the Park and offered support if required, in respect to the five wolf cubs that are “now being taken care of by their father.”

Tony Haighway – Wolf Watch UK

7 thoughts on “Escaped wolf shot dead in Cotswolds”

  1. This is a truly tragic event and I cried when I saw Ember with her cubs on the front of our local paper, with the news that she had been shot and not darted.

    I hope with all my heart that the Wildlife Park take up Tony’s offer of support and entrust Ember’s cubs into Tony’s care, as this only option to ensure they have a future as close to being in the wild as it is possible to have whilst in still actually being in captivity.

    In my opinion, being re-homed at Wolf Watch UK is the only option to ensure that these poor cubs live out the rest of their lives in a caring and appropriate environment. I know that that their security and well being will always be the number one priority and I cannot imagine a similar situation ever happening with Tony being their custodian.

  2. Hi Jacqui,
    Thank you for your kind comments and the faith you have in Wolf Watch.
    I think the Wolf cubs coming here is an unlikely outcome to this sad event.

    I have spoken to the Parks PR lady – Debbie and she emphasises this is a tragic occurrence for them also and that the management and staff are committed to ensuring the future wellbeing of the cubs and their father.
    She was also very grateful for our offer of support that will be accepted, if it became appropriate to do so.

    Whilst not privy to the reason for the animals escape, I do have some practical knowledge in the use of a dart rifle and its limitations in terms of range, accuracy and the time it takes to load with an appropriate tranquilliser. A Zoo licence holder is also governed by legislation as to how these situations are dealt with in the event of certain animals escaping beyond a perimeter fence.

    There are definitely no winners here. The reality of what people think is reflected in the public response that has taken place and maybe the best we can take from it are adjustments in our thoughts about similar animals in captivity and the environments in which they are kept. Thank you again. Tony

  3. Hi Tony,was so sorry to read about the wolf that was shot.So pleased that you ve offered to help them.I knew you would and they will be so well looked after if you re allowed to have them, How is Madadh? Hope you and all your wolves are keeping well, I often think of Kgosi and am so glad that my daughter and i visited you all last year and have some lovely photos and memories. Love and regards from Dorothy.

  4. Hi Tony , ive just read my message to you and realised i hadnt mentioned that it was the 5 little motherless wolf cubs i was referring to.I guess you ve already realised that.take care regards from Dorothy

  5. Hi Dorothy,
    Thanks for your comment. My thoughts were that as Callow has a phantom pregnancy at present, it may have provided a solution (may is the important word) but I think the zoo have decided to look after them along with their father.
    Madadh is still amazingly well for an elderly Wolf in her 19th year!!!

    Thanks again. Tony.

  6. We often hear of plans to introduce certain wild animals, lynx and wolves, to name two, back into the wild in the UK yet as soon as a wolf escapes from a park it is shot dead.
    Double standards.
    If such animals were released into the wild how long would it be before they became target practice and sport for the blood thirsty elite.
    It would be nice to think of these animals roaming free however I think given the environment you are able to provide them is a far better and safer option for these animals.
    I look forward to visiting the sanctuary one day soon.

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