Our Wolves

  • Sansa

    Wolf profile coming soon Read More & Adopt Sansa
  • Rickon

    Wolf profile coming soon Read More & Adopt Rickon
  • Kgosi

    Kgosi is a proud handsome wolf, his greying coat (once black) and softer personality takes nothing away from his unmistakable status within the pack. Kgosi spends his time with sibling Madadh and have lived together with hardly a day apart in their two and a half acre enclosure. Read More & Adopt Kgosi
  • Callow

    Callow is an attractive, kind natured female born 2007 at the West Midlands Safari Park. She arrived at Wolf Watch in 2010 following a dominance fight with other members of her pack which saw her badly injured. Callow has developed a close bond with Pepe and lives harmoniously in an enclosure together. Read More & Adopt Callow
  • Anja

    Anja is a beautiful 3 year old European Wolf from Norway and arrived in 2015 from Paradise Park in Hertfordshire. Since her arrival she has settled down well and is looking forward to her new 5 acre enclosure complete with pond, woodland and grassy slope. Read More & Adopt Anja
  • Madadh

    Madadh, a beautiful black Canadian wolf came to Wolf Watch with her brother Kgosi in April 1999, from the time of their arrival until three months later, normality at Wolf Watch became a thing of the past or perhaps life just followed a different pattern. She is the wolf most visitors to the centre are likely to meet if the circumstances permit. Read More & Adopt Madadh
  • Poppy

    Poppy - a stunning wolf with an almost pure white coat - arrived at Wolf Watch UK in November 2010, she was 4 years old and like Pepe, had been part of the West Midlands Safari Park pack. The circumstances of her transfer to WWUK was as a result of a dominance fight after which the parks manager Bob Lawrence felt it in the best interest of the animal to find a new home rather than risk further injury. Read More & Adopt Poppy