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Born in 1999 at Port Lymphe Wild Animal Park, Madadh is a totally adorable and well socialised female Canadian Wolf. Always the first to howl, and loves tasty treats!

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Born in 1999 at Port Lymphe Wild Animal Park, Madadh (or Maddie as she is affectionately known) is a well socialised female Canadian Wolf. Hand reared from eight days old until three months, then nurtured by her surrogate mother Ayla.

Madadh is a fabulous ambassador for wolves and adores meeting people although we suspect much of the relationship is based on the knowledge that generally they have a handful of tasty biscuits! ‘Clicker Training’ in early life resulted in her happily lying down or sitting in order to get a tasty treat. Out of all of our wolves Madadh is usually the first to howl and will often “respond” to visitors own attempts at howling. Due to her great age of 18 years her vocal cords don’t work like they used to, but she can still be found howling, albeit a little quieter than before!

In her own two and a half acre enclosure she can often be seen taking the dominant role alongside her brother Kgosi, especially when it comes to feeding time and also her exceptional braveness when approaching unfamiliar objects or situations.

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