Anja arrived at Wolf Watch in the summer of 2015, she is a lovely 3 year old European Wolf from Norway and absolutely loves tinned sardines!

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Anja arrived at Wolf Watch in the summer of 2015, she is a lovely 3 year old European Wolf from Norway and absolutely loves tinned sardines!

You are purchasing a one-off 1 year membership.

If this is intended to be a gift, please purchase one of the “gift items” instead.

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Anja arrived from Paradise Wildlife Park, Broxbourne in 2015. She is a lovely 3 year old European Wolf from Norway and had been involved in dominance skirmishes with her siblings who remained at the park.

Although having had a high degree of socialisation since the age of six weeks she still has a natural ‘flight’ instict when approached by people who are unfamiliar and often appears to have a nervous disposition especially in adverse weather conditions.

Since her arrival she has settled down well in our quarantine enclosure on a hillside around an acre in size, and has plenty of cover from bushes and trees. Her new enclosure is going to be around 5 acres in size and includes a large pond as well as woodland and a grassy slope. This should be completed by Spring 2016 and hopefully by then we will have also found a new partner for her.

An unusal feature of her diet at the park included daily tit bits of tinned sardines! The practice involves the tapping of two sardine tines together until she decides to make an appearance. A cautious approach follows after which she gently takes the fishy morsels, licking the oily bits from your fingers before retreating to a more distant part of her territory. An interesting experience for the feeder!

Anja continues to become less nervous as the weeks go by and we look forward to her being moved to her new territory and resettling with another of her species.

14 thoughts on “Anja”

  1. It was wonderful to see Anja last Sunday. She’s beautiful. Thank you for the privilege. I’d have bought two tins of sardines had I known it was close to her birthday!!

  2. I came with my daughter Heather to stay at the cottage this week. What I was not expecting was to fall in love with one of the wolves. Hearing Anja sing as she howled will stay with me forever. Now at home, it feels wrong not to be able to hear her. We will be back to see and hear Anja before too long. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of meeting such a beautiful and incredible being.

  3. My dad and I visited last weekend and were privileged to meet Anya close up – very close up! I even touched her nose. It was wonderful to walk around the site seeing and hearing the wolves. It is a beautiful place and Tony was very kind and he generous with his time and knowledge. We learned loads about these beautiful animals.

  4. I’m in love with gentle Anja. She trusted me enough to take food from my hands. What a wonderful birthday treat! Fantastic place, we will definitely come back

  5. Hi, I was thinking of getting a membership or adopting a wolf as part of my 17th birthday present and was just wondering what the experience is like once we reach the sanctuary as in how close do we get to the wolves as it would be an amazing experience to be able to visit and see the wolves in something which resembles their natural habitat and makes them happy

    1. Hello Georgie, thank you for your message. The wolves are kept in large enclosures and are free to roam as they please. We lost our “socialised” wolves Madadh and Kgosi not too long ago due to old age and non of the remaining wolves are socialised or able to be “petted”. Anja is the most social of them all and does allow visitors to feed her tit-bits (sardines actually). The other wolves can be quite shy, so really it all depends on the day and the mood that they are in as to how much contact they feel like making. I hope this helps – Helen

  6. Is photography allowed or is it prohibited for the protection of the place and animals, I have my membership and am planning a visit but would like to know before hand if my camera would be needed or if it should be left at home, thank you for taking the time to reply

    1. Hi Jackie, thanks for the message. There is no problem with bringing a camera, as long as the images are for your personal and not commercial use – Helen

  7. I had been pleased to meet Tony and his team in June 2019. They are caring and dedicated people, putting the needs of the wildlife they look after as a priority and doing their best to save nature.
    I was delighted to meet Ania. She is a tame and timid wolf happy to take sardines from your hand. Our experience with Ania was a short one, I wish we could spend more time with her. I am sure she wouldn’t mind. She has a qurious nature and enjoys company. I am sad that Tilly and Callow passed away. They were beautiful wolves and will be greatly missed.
    I am looking forward to my next experience with Wolfwatch.

  8. Wolves are majestic .i am so happy to have been given the gift of adopting Anja for Christmas by my Mum.i was lost for words when i opened my Christmas card to find stunning picture,s of wolves also a card with a certificate inside and a thank you this is the best card i have ever had.Many Thanks to My Mum and WolfWatch Uk (:

  9. I was lost for words when i opened my Christmas Card. as i opened my Christmas card i saw lovely pictures of wolves. and another one of Anja. in the second card. as i turned the card page there was a certificate leting me know i adopted a wolf named Anja through a thoghtful donation to Wolf Watch UK and a thank you for supporting on the back of the card.i myself did not know until the 25th of December 2018 (last Year). this was a surprise to me.i was and still am so happy to have this card. haveing this as a Christmas Card made my day Donateing to a good cause. it will be something i wont forget. My Mum got me this as a Christmas gift and i have never looked back and never will.Wolves are Majestic to me and i have liked and loved wolves for 7 years Today since the age of 16. im 22 years old now. but my Mum will be and allways will be my Mum she is the best in my entire life since the day i born and is everything a mom needs to be and gived undying love and care and support to me and her being alive and well is the best daily gift to have.

    Thank You For Reading (:

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