Poppy is the shy girl at Wolf Watch, a small wolf with an almost pure white coat. Poppy loves paddling in her stream and has even been known to enjoy a spot of fishing.

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Poppy is the shy girl at Wolf Watch, a small wolf with an almost pure white coat. Poppy loves paddling in her stream and has even been known to enjoy a spot of fishing.

You are purchasing a one-off 1 year membership.

If this is intended to be a gift, please purchase one of the “gift items” instead.

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Poppy is the shy girl at Wolf Watch. She arrived in November 2010 at the age of your from West Midlands Safari Park following a dominance fight with other members in her pack. It appears what she came off second best in the skirmish and suffered injuries to her head and back which subsequently healed and left little evidence of their existence.

Initially she was paired up with Pepe, but later after the introduction of Callow to the group the relationship failed and after several attempts at appropriate times to resettle her, it was decides it was in her best interests to be separated until another option presented itself.

Getting close to Poppy is not easy. Whilst her ‘flight instinct’ has been reduced due to captivity, for reasons unknown she will approach closer to women rather than men, but even then it’s a slow process with a high degree of caution exercised with every footfall.

Consequently most observations have been conducted at a distance using binoculars which revealed that her time seemed to be divided between the interaction with the wolves either side of her environment and paddling in the stream that travels through her enclosure. The latter appears to include a spot of fishing and disturbing the pebbles on the stream bed to explore what lies beneath.

Our shy girl has often been described as similar to a small Arctic wolf due to her almost pure white coat which over the years has lost all traces of the dark saddle markings across her back.

17 thoughts on “Poppy”

  1. she is beautiful.
    I am looking into adopting a new wolf, because the wolf trust I already adopt a wolf from is closing this year.
    poppy is so beautiful.

    1. She is beautiful. My partner adopted her for me for my 30th (today). I’m so pleased. Can’t wait to book tickets to visit =}

  2. hi
    I am thinking of getting this for a Christmas present for my niece she is a huge fan of wolves and I am sure she would love it. however I am not sure what the difference is between a simple adoption and the membership gift pack

    1. Hello Brett, adoption and membership amount to the same thing. We use the adopt-a-wolf scheme as the means for becoming a member. Kind Regards – Helen

  3. 2019 already is full of excitement and wonder for becoming a member of WolfWatch and adopting
    Poppy. If we get to meet you Poppy it will be an honour, but seeing you – still wild at heart but protected – will be our upmost pleasure!
    Stay shy, be you, but give us a glimpse when we visit 😉
    x Lou & Ste x

  4. Love that I found this website and amazing organisation! Could someone please tell me if I were to ‘sponsor’ a wolf for the £35 fee do I have to buy tickets separately to come visit? And also what about partners coming to visit too? Thank you!

    1. Hello Xara, thank you for contacting us. Here’s some information that should provide the answers you require:

      Wolf Watch is a private members organisation and we provide our members with the opportunity to come to the centre and to visit the wolves but you would have to initially join our membership scheme, this enables access to the members area on the website where the new e.joining pack and exclusive member content such as downloads (images, wolf profiles, fact sheets, ringtones, desktop wallpapers, plus more), videos, blog can be found. Only members are permitted to visit the centre (as we are not open to the public). A guest pass allows non-members to visit in the company of a current member. Each member is allowed to bring a maximum of 2 additional guests per visit.

      Joining can be done using the online shop via the adopt-a-wolf scheme. Simply select the wolf you would like to sponsor. Membership provides access to the “members shop” and allows you to purchase / select the amount of passes required to visit. Have a look at the events page where we have a list of scheduled members visits and further information (mostly Sundays). Just send me a quick email advising the one you wish to book on and I will reserve you the places. The sanctuary is located in Shropshire, we will send out directions after you have become a member / purchased tickets to visit.


      Membership for a year costs £35, the members visit pass cost is £20 and the guest pass(es) are £25 each

      Hope this helps. Any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

      1. This sounds just the gift for my granddaughter but I’m not clear. If I purchase the membership via the adoption scheme will she then have to pay £20 to actually visit or is that included?

        1. Hello Ann, the membership joining fee is £35,then should she want to visit she will require a members visit pass which cost £20 and if she would like to bring a guest along the guest p[ass is £25 – Hope this helps – Helen

  5. Hello. I would like to adopt a wolf for my daughter Olga as a Christmas present. She doesn’t turn 14 till November 2019 so we couldn’t visit till then. But I would like her to be able to choose a wolf. Is it possible for me to buy the gift pack adoption and visits now online (£80 package) so that she has that on Christmas Day but that she can then choose her favourite wolf? We have both loved wolves since she was tiny! Many thanks. Lizzy, Birmingham.

    1. Hello Lizzy, thank you for your message. Absolutely no age problem with becoming a member, just the 14 years minimum to come to visit the centre. Regarding the gift adoption, when checking out in the comments box please provide the name, postal address, email address, telephone number, the date that you want membership to commence and if you have it the name of the wolf to adopt (although this can be advised later should you wish). Alternatively, send me a separate email with those details – Kind Regards – Helen

  6. Hi to you all at wolf watch UK and all the beautiful wolf’s in your care ,,happy New year. My husband sponsored poppy for me as a Christmas present,I was absolutely delighted and look very much forward to visiting your centre and hopefully getting to meet poppy and her brothers and sisters as a member with a night of two stay ! I am a huge fan of wolves and total respect for these magnificent animals and enjoy watching documentries and reading wolf paraphernalia with films absolutely love love love them. I have looked through your website and unfortunately i can’t see any instructions on arranging a visit for the near future,hoping you can get back to me on this,very much appreciated. Kind regards michele

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks for the question. As you already have the visit passes please select a date for a members day from the events page of the website and then drop me an email and I will reserve your places. Kind Regards – Helen

  7. Hi wolfwatch

    Just wondering has poppy been separated from other wolves due to her aggression or is she quite a placid dog who has been an easy target from other wolves?

    Kind regards


    1. Hello Victoria, thank you for your message. All our wolves apart from Rickon and Sansa live in their own separate enclosures. Poppy is the quietest of all our wolves and does tend to keep herself to herself. Kind Regards

  8. Hey 🙂 I’m interested in a membership and just wanted to ask: if I’m adopting a wolf and come to visit, am I allowed to see all the wolves or just the one?
    Thanks! Elena 🙂

    1. Hi Elena, a visit to the centre covers the whole of the centre (including our deer herd if they decode to make an appearance).

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