Thank You for Supporting Kgosi Lodge

Tony and the team at Wolf Watch would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who left a message of support for Kgosi Lodge with the planning department at Shropshire Council.

Hopefully we shall get a favourable outcome!

2 thoughts on “Thank You for Supporting Kgosi Lodge”

  1. Hi Tony Hope you ve received some good news about your plan for Kgosi lodge.I think of you Kgosi and Maddie a lot.You are a marvellous man and i congratulate you for all that you ve done and are still doing for these lovely intelligent animals.take care may be able to visit again one day.loving thoughts from Dorothy xxxx

    1. Hi Dorothy,

      no news as yet. The planners are still deciding as to whether it fits their policy for land use in this area! Thank you for all your kind comments. I hope you are able to visit again one day!!!! With Best Wishes,
      Tony X

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